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Stoica Tonea

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Stoica Tonea


General info

1 - How did you come to the leather industry?

The tradition of making garments runs in my family. I have known from a young age how to appreciate the quality of natural materials and to develop my own opinion regarding the way leather is processed and the path it follows until it becomes a finished product.

After the revolution in 1990, I continued producing and marketing leather goods, and, being aware of the opportunities provided by this field, I was set on this path by the desire to make my own raw material and to grow professionally.

2 – What job are you performing in the leather industry?

At present, I have my own tannery, a business I started from scratch, with the opportunity to coordinate a team of people who have joined me in dedicating themselves to the projects we have developed over the years. We produce a wide range of leather for footwear, leather goods, garments and upholstery.

In parallel, we continue the family tradition by producing leather goods and waistcoats for men and women.

3 - What qualification or training did you do to be there?

In my case, the training I had was not related to the tannery field. I found a great challenge in the desire to push myself and to prove that, ‘where there's a will, there's a way’. I learned everything from the trades people I was managing. I became skilled by working and no effort was in vain.

Collaboration with partners from countries with an old tradition in the field and the high standards imposed by these partnerships have allowed us to constantly develop and continuously improve.

4 - What do you (most) appreciate in your job?

This field is part of the great family of the fashion industry. It is related to art. There are no limits and it constantly provides an aim you want to reach.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • This field is part of the great family of the fashion industry. It is related to art. There are no limits and it constantly provides an aim you want to reach.
  • Works at:
  • Taro Industry SRL
  • Job:
  • Tannery owner / Production supervisor

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