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Stéphane Mariet

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Stéphane Mariet

Rue du Chasse Midi, Levroux, France

General info

Stéphane Mariet didn’t know the tanning industry, nor was he meant to work in the field of leather. Indeed, with an electro-technical BTS degree, he first worked as a temp in various industries, then joined the car industry as a team leader, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. He ended up incorporating the Bodin-Joyeux tannery in 2005.

At first he worked with a soon-to-be-retired colleague who taught him the daily operations he would need to handle, that is, ensure the timely delivery of leather to customers, respecting their requirements (each machine had to be specifically adjusted), distribution of the workload in keeping with the schedule.

The work requires careful monitoring as various unforeseen technical or human incidents may happen.

Without a proper career in the field, Stéphane was able to achieve a special know-how that allows him to appreciate leather at it should be. He particularly enjoys transforming a raw material to give it a new life as a product sublimated for the benefit of customers.

Stéphane’s work is hardly monotonous. Leather is a living material and as such may have surprising reactions which requires a certain degree of reactivity and adjustment in order to obtain identical products at the end of the line.

Stéphane has learned to love leather and although he worked for different companies before he joined Bodin-Joyeux, he can say now that he is part of a “craft-industrial” company. His job cannot be learned in books, but on the spot, handling the material.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • Not a job you learn in books!
  • Works at:
  • Tannerie Bodin-Joyeux
  • Job:
  • Team leader - Finishing stage supervisor

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