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Sergiu Acsinte

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Sergiu Acsinte


General info

1 - How did you come to the leather industry?

The decision to work in this industry came from the desire to help my parents who bought the tannery in 2000. This is not my first job but I will continue to work in this field.

2 – What job are you performing in the leather industry?

In my parents' company, I am in charge of sales and marketing. I am an economist, and the position I hold is that of Marketing Manager. The challenges I come across every day are related to the great competitiveness in the market. A working day usually lasts for about 10 hours.

3 - What qualification or training did you do to be there?

My experience at my former job in sales has helped me. I graduated from the Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems within The Academy of Economic Sciences. At present I am enrolled in a Masters in Business Administration.

4 - What do you (most) appreciate in your job?

I like this job because it offers me a decent income and because I discover new opportunities for career development.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • It offers me a decent income and new opportunities for career development
  • Works at:
  • Pielorex
  • Job:
  • Sales and Marketing

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