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S4TCLF: Portuguese webinar about the future of professional training in the TCLF sectors

Last September 24, CTCP and CITEVE promoted a webinar called “Addressing a revolution in TCLF Training Education” as part of Erasmus+ Skills4SmartTCLF 2030 Blueprint Project (www.s4tclfblueprint.eu), with the objective of presenting the project's developments, especially in terms of new qualifications for the sector and debating direct and long-term implications of COVID-19 in education and vocational training. 

This webinar was attended by representatives of the European Confederations, of the TCLF sectors (EURATEX, CEC, COTANCE) and different entities and institutions related to vocational education in these sectors in Portugal.


Lutz Walter, Director of Innovation & Skills (EURATEX) highlighted the age of the workforce in this industry around the world, making it necessary to upgrade the population skills. He concluded with a presentation of the five drives of change for TCLF industries: Renaissance of the craft; A brave new world; Selective leadership; Walled gardens; Industrial sunset.

Carmen Arias, General Secretary of the European Footwear Confederation (CEC), enhanced the importance of this type of European partnership initiatives and knowledge sharing about needs and common challenges. “It is essential to build solid local / regional VET competence ecosystems, establishing reliable partnerships between the different categories of stakeholders at regional/ national and international level. To think global and act local” she said, during her presentation.

Christian Baio, representative of the Italian technological company SPIN360 said that “The COVID-19 emergency has revolutionized the teaching and learning modalities. Education has deeply changed, and the disruptive rise  of e-learning, with remote teaching through the use digital plaforms brouht it's benifits together with it's challenges”. For that, is essencial to have grater efforts from the authorities, to set up new tools to teach teachers/trainers, students and parents on how to embrace digital learning, using it properly and supporting online collaboration.

During the online session, Christian Baio invited participants to answer an interactive questionnaire about the direct and long-term implications of COVID-19 in education and training and presented some examples of good practices used in different countries, including the “telescola”, in Portugal.

Rita souto (CTCP) and Alexandra Cardoso (CITEVE) introduced to the Portuguese entities 8 high-demand job profiles for TCLF industries (Textile Technologist, Leather Technologist, 3D CAD Footwear Developer, Clothing CAD Pattern Maker, Suatainability technician, (Digital) Supply chain, Digital Marketing Professional and Process Production Timeline Analyst) developed on this project and which will soon be available for testing.