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Peter Fletcher

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Peter Fletcher

Sheepscar St S, Leeds, United Kingdom

General info

Peter joined the leather industry in 1989 after being made redundant from his job as a printer. A friend suggested he try a local tannery, Pittards, where he was taken on as a colour matcher. He knew nothing about the industry and says that the first two weeks were hard as he didn’t know what he was doing. After Pittards closed, Peter had a number of other jobs, including special needs assistant, working in an art gallery and selling insurance for taxis. However, a when a vacancy came up at Charles F Stead & Co Ltd, he didn’t hesitate to take it. He says that, when started back at the tannery, ‘It was like coming home’.

His current role is Finishing Shop Manager, with responsibility for the paint kitchen, including colour matching and mixing, and any maintenance required in the department. This is not an easy job , although Peter says, ‘I make it look easy!’. It can be challenging and frustrating but it is never repetitive. It keep his brain active and every day brings a new challenge.

Peter left school at 16 with GCSEs and the majority of his training has been on the job. However, he also has a natural ability for colour matching which cannot be learnt. He is planning on staying the industry as he enjoys what he does. He likes the challenge of the work and that, as he is kept busy, the days never drag by. As he says’ ‘It gets into your blood and you’ve just got to do it!’.

  • Works at:
  • Charles F Stead & Co Ltd
  • Job:
  • Finishing Shop Manager

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