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Panaiot Panaiotov

Panaiot Panaiotov

kv Bojkata, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

General info

My whole life I have been working with leather.” Panaiot Panaiotov has acted as manager of Tehnomat Merkuriy for almost 10 years. He is a true example of a person devoted to his work and loving what he does. He’s had a passion for leather since his school years when he decided to finish his education with leather and tanning speciality. This gave him a good start and the opportunity to work in one of the biggest tanneries in Bulgaria – “Dimitar Blagoev” or later named “Luv”. Does he plan to stay at his job in the leather and tanning industry? Mr Panaiotov laughs at the question and says that currently there is no one else to do his job. It is his duty but he loves it. He has never had prejudices about the industry but rather sees it as an industry which brings quality, craftsmanship and technology together in a product – leather.

He worked in the Dimitar Blagoev plant until it was closed after privatization. There he learnt all the finesse of tanning and got experience and contacts in business. The plant was working mainly for exports, particularly for Italian customers. The client’s requirements were very high, which demanded a skilled and trained workforce. He was head of the department for experimental products, which consisted of small and selected team working mainly in the laboratory. He was responsible for developing and improving new articles.  This gave him knowledge about the product and experience in working with people and managing a team.

Currently he works as chief managerat the Tehnomash Merkury tannery. His working day is full with responsibilities from morning until evening, but at the end of the day all efforts are satisfied and paid back with the final product. All activities of the company are covered by Mr Panaiot - from the administration, through the whole production process and even the optimisation of the plant. He has a word in all processes. One of Mr. Panaiot’s favourite sides of his job is the quality control and testing of the product. The plant is equipped with a laboratory for examining the leather. It is an exciting process to study and analyse the product and to aim to improve it in every aspect. The production of leather deals with high electricity consumption and in the recent years together with a specialist, he tries to optimise it by introducing new technologies to the production.  

As a manager, he sees the utmost importance of the team. A person who wants to work in the leather industry must have affinity towards the leather and the high quality of the product. For his position, he says that years of experience in the industry and knowledge of every process are essential. A person must be devoted to become a specialist in every aspect of the leather making. As he says, “What helps me most is the constant strive to prove myself and of course my natural interest towards the leather and the industry.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • An industry which brings quality, craftsmanship and technology together in a product
  • Works at:
  • Tehnomat Merkuriy
  • Job:
  • Chief Manager

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