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E-Shoe Learning  


E-shoe learning is a project, which was successfuly completed under Leonardo da Vinci program and led by Industrial development centre for leather and footwear industry of Slovenia - ZAVOD IRCUO. Its partners included GERIC Member CTIC, the Portuguese leather technology centre.

The project contributes to the development and share of knowledge related to footwear development and manufacturing. There is no secondary or tertiary footwear education level in Slovenia, but there are still quite many small, medium and big size companies, which need educated workers to produce and sell quality products.

This is why E-shoe learning project provided three basic tools to support the development and share of knowledge:

  • new footwear handbook with contemporary issues,
  • seminars on footwear development and manufacturing,
  • central web page dedicated to offer basic and advanced knowledge, knowledge share tools (forum) and knowledge check features to instantly check the level of knowledge on specific area.

Please read: comments on the results of the project

For more information, visit the E-Shoe Learning web site.