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Miret y Cia

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Miret y Cia

Baixada de la Unió, Igualada, Spain

General info

Miret y Cia is a small and traditional family enterprise with a difference: for over 80 years, members of three generations representing two families have put all their know-how, effort and passion into the company.  Specialized in vegetal bovine leathers, partner to some of the world’s top fashion brands, the family business exports over 80% of its total production to Europe, America and Asia (Japan). Today’s directors of Miret y Cia – Mr. Jaume Valls and Mr. Jaume Ollè  - feel the tanning industry running through their veins and have adapted their tanning business to new market needs and opened-up new horizons.  For Miret y Cia the world has not frontiers or barriers.

Founded around 1880 as a craft, the company as such was constituted in 1954, the management have always maintained the ideals and philosophy of quality, specialization and personalized attention towards their clients, ensuring a long and healthy future for the Igualada based tannery. But we even trace its roots further back.  Miret and Cia are members of the Tanners Guild of Igualada, and records show that it was already established in 1693.  The craftsmanship origins are still very much present today at this company and are still considered by management and clients alike, to offer a strong asset and value to their articles.

Offering a product portfolio of innovative and premium quality vegetable tanned leathers, the clients are mainly designers and luxury brands. The close collaboration between the fashion industry and Miret y Cia is crucial for the wellbeing of the company.  Clients tend to express their needs or requirements whilst the highly qualified and experienced technicians put their know-how and abilities to work and make made-to- measure solutions for the customer, considered partners in this family enterprise.

With around 30 workers, Miret y Cia is a reference company when it comes to bovine leathers. The professionalism of the team together with their policy for purchasing premium hides and investing heavily in I&D helps the company achieve its objectives of quality and perfection.

In-house training, team spirit and “camaraderie” guarantee a good working environment where everyone, irrespective of their position, is on first name terms.   Company size, as far as management is concerned, is important.  Allowing them a high degree of flexibility and maneuverability, Miret y Cia can carry out small productions of specific articles, responding to the requirements of a niche market which larger companies cannot afford to do.

Craftsmanship, quality, service and trustworthiness are the values which have placed Miret y Cia at the forefront of the vegetable tanned bovine leathers, gaining the loyalty of some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world.

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