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Mesi Danny Day

Mesi Danny Day

Arges, Romania

General info

Skiver and tanned oil sheepskin producer. The company was founded in 1907 in Caselle Torinese, Mesi, being the only European tannery and one of the few in the world who starting from the splitting of sheepskin in pickled stage, make two skin assortments with different characteristics: tanned oil and skiver.       
      The skiver is intended for garment lining for shoes or other goods, book    binding in natural colour in various varieties of colour and finishes.                       
     Tanned oil skin-comes from the split side resulting from splitting of pickled sheepskin.
The tannage is done with fish oil. At the end of tannage, after complete degreasing, the product reaches a remarkable softness, a high capacity of water absorption, without abrasion effect, having the purpose of the cleaning and drying of windscreens, windows, jewellery, without scratching.
The splitting of the sheepskin in stage pickled is the operation which sets apart the production company Mesi and is executed by highly specialized staff, using state of the art technical equipment. The tannage is done in a drum with controlled air circulation. For the skiver finishing are used various chemical auxiliaries and processing is constantly monitored, to ensure environmental protection and the quality of the final product. The endowment equipment comes from Italy. The raw material, pickled, sheepskins is sourced from New Zeeland.
In Romania, the company has two production units:            
    Maracineni, Arges;
    Sebis, Arad.

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