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Jordi Fernandez

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Jordi Fernandez

Igualada, Spain

General info

With regard to the industry or the company, I was not always as proud as I am today.  When I began 25 years ago, I understood nothing.  I began feeling good when I began to understand the company, the material.  Once you are confident, everything seems much easier.

I finished studying at 16 and began working in other sectors.  Unlike other industries, Miret y Cia teaches you what you need to know to work in a specific department.  Training plays an important role here because we have to work to very hard standards which have placed the company as one of the best in the world.

The feeling of belonging is such that my wife also works here and my son is doing a school project on the leather industry.  So for me, this is more than a job, it is “my family”.

Unlike other sectors where I have worked, being in charge of quality control at Miret y Cia has many implications as it affects every single department or area of the company.  This means that I also work with everyone.  I can tell whether a skin has to be pulled more or less, or whether a batch of raw hides has a problem because the results aren’t exactly what we expect. When the articles are dry, I ensure each one complies with our quality control regulations, and then see whether it matches the standard requested by the client.   

I enjoy my job but find it hard to work under artificial lighting, even if I have got used to it, and the extremely tight deadlines we have to work to.  Being on your feet all day is not easy either, but it comes with the job. I really enjoy is working with people. It’s so important to get along with everyone, and I mean both colleagues and clients.  It is not just about communicating, but also about listening, about respecting everyone for who they are and what they do .

My job is highly appreciated throughout the company and I would not change. I know my job, I have had to learn the ins and outs, I like leather, and what it represents… so to learn a new job outside the leather industry would mean starting all over again. 

What I do has a direct impact on the company’s results because a satisfied client is a happy company. My wife works here, my son is working on a school project here… what else can one ask for?

Proud?  absolutely..

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  • What I do has a direct impact on the company
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  • Quality Control

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