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Jaume Olle

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Jaume Olle

Igualada, Spain

General info

I had always wished to work in this industry and that is why I studied at the tannery school.  I began working at the company in 1994 - after the death of my father - although as a young student, I had worked here every summer.  This allowed both myself and Jaume Valls (managing director of Miret y Cia) to familiarize ourselves with the tanning process and better understand the final product.


I look after the production side of the company and this means liaising with all the different department managers. I enjoy virtually everything my role entails, although I probably do not sympathize too much when problems arise in the production area. Even if this is an important side of my job, and as director I must find solutions, I do get certain amount of satisfaction when I sort the problems out.


Every day is similar but different.  There are two key issues in managing production (and managing the company) and they are discipline and routine.  If an employee does not feel comfortable with this, then he or she cannot carry on in the company.  Let’s not forget that at Miret y Cia we develop highly crafted vegetable tanning premium leathers, and to be within the 10 top companies in the world you must have a system that promotes responsibility and discipline.  They are vital for us.  Fortunately our workers are professionals, specialised in specific areas. The seriousness and professionalism are indicative of quality – of the Company and the article which we produce. We give 100% of ourselves to the company and we expect everyone to do the same.


Investing in R&D is very important and in these last four years we have investing heavily because we must adapt the Company to the challenges of the markets as well as to our corporate vision and objectives.  We are continuously developing new products and this requires internal and external inputs, the latter coming from our clients. They present their ideas and our task is to materialize their ideas in leather.  And that is when even more factors come into play, such as the raw material, the beam house process, etc.


I would like my three children to come into the family business one day.  At Miret y Cia we offer added value. From an environmental point of view we are processing a residual material from the food chain.  As we only offer vegetable tanning we are also more ecological and sustainable than other companies in the sector. 


I am proud of what I do, and this is also transmitted to all the members of my family.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • I am proud of what I do, and this is also transmitted to all the members of my family.
  • Works at:
  • Miret y Cia SA
  • Job:
  • Manager & Production Director

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