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Hugh Gilmour

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Hugh Gilmour

Paisley, United Kingdom

General info

Hugh was working on the railways and looking for a change when a friend suggested he try the local tannery.  In spite of the works manager trying to put him off, he got a temporary job in the office at WJ & W Lang Ltd and 43 years later, he is the managing director. His first impression of the industry was that it was a fascinating discovery although hard and heavy work. Over his long career, he has seen the industry change massively but it is still an industry that recycles a waste into a luxury item, contributes to the economy and creates jobs and leather remains a unique substance that is in demand.

Hugh joined the industry as a school leaver but took the opportunity for further education, including qualifications in chemistry and business management, and putting himself through 9 years of night school. He believes the industry offers a great career for life for someone willing to work hard and take every opportunity to develop their skill, but it has to earned.

As managing director, he has ultimate responsibility for the performance of the company, including delivering targets, particularly customer requirements for quality, and compliance with health and safety and environmental legislation. This is a very challenging role and every day is different as he is always looking for ways to improve the operation of the tannery. He is very proud of what he has achieved and, when he comes to retire, will be able to reflect on a good career, which has included extensive travel, with many achievements and not too many disasters! 

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • A fascinating discovery
  • Works at:
  • WJ & W Lang Ltd
  • Job:
  • Managing Director

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