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 A new contract for Gruppo Mastrotto workers, with emphasis on innovation, safety and quality

Mastrotto logoGruppo Mastrotto one of the major companies in the tanning sector based in Arzignano, in the Italian province of Vicenza, has signed an agreement with Italian trade unions Filctem, Femca and Uiltec.

In terms of working hours, the parties have placed the emphasis on the issues of production and personal flexibility, increasing the tools to favor the unpredictable production dynamics and the work and personal reconciliation needs of collaborators. The use of part-time work is enhanced as a tool for reconciling the "life - work" balance.

The agreement provides for a modern system of industrial relations with periodic meetings on strategic and organizational issues. Training becomes the pivot of company development, where a working group will be structured between the parties in which the trade union will also share "training plans".

For the economic part, an annual bonus of 600€ is established for the three-year period 2022-2024 for more than 1,100 collaborators. The bonus can be increased on the basis of 4 different parameters: A) Profitability, B) Productivity, C) Quality and Sustainability, D) Safety. Those objectives are in coherence with the Group's management guidelines, that is, growth through the creation of a quality product in line with the customer's needs and with great attention to the issues of sustainability and safety.

The agreement also includes the experimental institution of ethical solidarity hours, that is, the possibility of donating hours of holidays and leaves.

Chiara Mastrotto, president of the group,  explains that the parties focused on the issue of participation and have identified «on the one hand flexibility tools capable of responding to company needs and at the same time favoring the work-life balance of our collaborators. Training remains a fundamental point and involving the social partners in the design of new models to encourage qualified integration into the company and the development of existing skills is a stage in a virtuous path of growth for our Group ".

For the trade unions this is an important agreement that not only enhances the economic aspect, but for the first time contains an important and innovative part of the legislation for the sector. This is why Filctem, Femca and Uiltec explain that "what happened in what is the largest tanning group in the Veneto District is something that will inevitably be the direction for the entire territory, opening up to contractual innovations for the sector".

September 2022