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David Hinds

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David Hinds

Seedhill, Paisley, United Kingdom

General info

Despite living near a tannery, David had no idea about leather manufacture when he saw a job with the Scottish Leather Group in his local paper. He had previously worked in the chemical industry but now says he is definitely staying in the leather industry and has even moved house to be closer to the tannery.


As Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor, he has responsibility for ensuring that  the wastewater discharged from the tannery is treated to meet local discharge limits; the tannery cannot operate if these are not met. This includes recovery of solids, some of which are recycled as fuel for the on-site thermal energy plant. David says the work is challenging but enjoyable and “It is seldom that two days are the same”. He enjoys being nearer to the action than in previous roles in ensuring that both the authorities that regulate the discharges and the factory’s neighbours are kept happy.


David came into the role with a number of qualifications from his previous work in the chemical industry and has had further vocational and management training since joining the Scottish Leather Group. Appropriate training is essential for this position but he points out that the industry offers many options for long term career for anyone who wants to be involved, from apprenticeships onwards.


In addition to responsibility  for the treatment plant, he has also been encouraged to pursue ideas that may be of benefit to the company and is expected to act creatively to develop those ideas, a challenge that he relishes. He likes the fact that his ideas are listened to and recognised which was not the case when working for a multinational company. He is proud of the work he has done and the positive results he has achieved.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • It’s seldom that two days are the same
  • Works at:
  • Scottish Leather Group
  • Job:
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor

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