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Curtidos Riba Guixa

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Curtidos Riba Guixa

Vial Centre, Montornès del Vallès, Spain

General info

Backed by over 80 years of history, Curtidos Riba Guixa  is EU's largest small-skins tannery as well as leader in technological processes. With a workforce of over 130 employees at their installations in Montornès del Vallès (Barcelona), the factory produces around 5000 finished skins daily for international luxury brands.


Managed by the fourth generation of the Riba family, the company was established in August 1932 by Mr. Joan Riba Guixà, himself a tanner’s son from the industrial town of Igualada. His first years, immediately before and after the Spanish Civil War, were all but easy—but his skill and determination helped him become a prominent tanner in the Spanish leather industry. In the 1960s, Riba Guixà started working on Spanish Entrefino lambskin for the fashion industry. Previously the tannery was centered on processing leather for the glove-making industry the company. Today, glove leathers are still one of their key products in their portfolio. A third generation - leaded by Mr. Francisco Riba Godó - provided Riba Guixà with the vision which has lead and driven the company to obtain and consolidate its international profile as well as positioning the family business as leader in finished and semi-finished leathers - pickel, wet blue and crust of Spanish Entrefino lambskin - position that the firm proudly maintains today. In the mid-1980s, Mr. Joan Riba Antó joined the company, followed by his brothers Francesc and Carlos, representing the fourth generation in the leather tanning trade. Since the end of the 90s, with the incorporation of Mr. Lluís Balsells to the executive board, Curtidos Riba Guixà has continued to honour the legacy of Mr. Francisco Riba Godó, introducing the company to the most demanding quality and fashion-focused markets.


With over 130 employees, of which 35% are women, Curtidos Riba Guixá is a crucial sized SME that enjoys a “good governance policy practice”. The Catalonian company not only has an operative non-discriminatory policy but also illustrates through different services - such as subsidized catering, changing rooms & shower, training … - the importance of the workforce and the role each individual plays within the company.


The company has invested heavily in new machinery and technologies, but craftsmanship knowhow –is a crucial component in the success of this company. To produce to the highest of standards demanded by their clients, and maintain their leadership, there are three elements which everyone must comply with: Order, Discipline and Respect. When it comes to production, the key to everything lies in the origin of the raw material, especially if your product is synonym of quality and prestige. Ninety percent of the raw material is Spanish (Entrefino) and this is important because clients are requesting to know the origin of the skins, thus traceability is an issue which Curtidos Riba Guixà has focused on and today have implemented a traceability system.

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