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AIICA presents an alternative to NPE's sheepskin degreasing

Under the LIFE Programme, AIICA has developed a leaflet and a DVD on an alternative to NPE's sheepskin degreasing. For further information, please visit AIICA's web site under "projects - Eco-degreasing". 

EU Origin Marking

COTANCE Submission regarding the EU Origin Marking initiative

COTANCE pleads for an EC Origin Marking Regulation applying to the leather value chain that is linked to a compulsory EU composition-labelling Scheme for all consumer articles made typically of leather where the origin of the relevant components is equally identified.

- the development of an origin marking of the sector’s products where relevant and technically feasible, and an origin certification for all imported sector’s products that qualifies their origin by mentioning the relevant value adding steps conferring origin: tanning, crusting, finishing, cutting & sewing or stitching, assembling…

- the extension of the EU Footwear Labelling rules to Leathergoods, and Leather Clothing and Gloves and the obligation to indicate the origin of the component materials.

-> download the whole document

R&D for SMEs

Discussion Paper: Towards A Dedicated European Research Programme for SMEs
to promote competitiveness, growth and employment

Proposals for the Implementation of the Seventh Framework Programme, presented by organisations associated with 500,000 SMEs in all sectors of the European economy.   

Key Proposals 
1.      More effectively engage SMEs to meet the Barcelona and Lisbon objectives
2.      Improve the targeting of R&D funding towards sustaining SME competitiveness and promoting SMEs with European and global growth potential
3.      Review the current 15% SME target and allocate half of future SME funding to a dedicated programme
4.      Capitalise on, and supplement,  the success of existing instruments: CRAFT, Collective and STREPs
5.      Strengthen the exploitation of SME research results by integrating demonstration and dissemination activities  


New Image for the Portuguese Leather Industry

APIC and CTIC have been working on the renewal of the Portuguese Leather Industry’s image

For that purpose, a new logo for the Portuguese Leather Industry was created, with a Portuguese and International version.



The creation of these logos was the first step of this renewal process which comprehended the promotion of the industry and leather products in newspapers, a campaign promoting leather products in stores, a new webpage for the sector – which is being developed – and also the publication of the Portuguese Leather Industries Directory.

This bilingual (Portuguese-English) Directory can be obtained by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Sustainable development

EU Meetings for the Leather Industry
The EU Leather and Tanning Industry and Sustainable Development

On the 27th May 2004 a Conference on Sustainability and the Leather sector took place at the premises of the European Commission.
It was organized by DG ENTR, the European Leather Association (COTANCE) and the Trade Union (ETUF-TCL) and it was attended by numerous members of the European Institutions, leather sector and annexed industries representatives (leather goods, textiles, chemicals).


Strategy for Africa


Cooperation and Trade

COTANCE and its member associations,

* Proclaiming that free and fair trade in the leather sector and the reduction and eventual elimination of protectionisms of all kinds should guide all the efforts devoted in EU-Africa relations as this is in the mutual interest and in the interest of the international leather industry community,

* Affirming that

* COTANCE and its member leather trade associations can substantially contribute to the goal of economic integration of the EU-African leather industries and that the European leather industry has an economically and environmentally valid model to offer Africa
* the European Leather Industry's strive for a EU-African partnership can be developed in many areas of mutual concern and interest and at many levels of cooperation
* a framework in which these relations could evolve positively and increase the chances of a successful partnership between European and African operators is of strategic importance for maximising the positive effects of sectoral initiatives at all levels of intervention
* COTANCE should take the role that corresponds to its objectives and competencies, guiding, encouraging and supporting the initiatives arising from the European Leather Industry, notably through its member associations and aiming at the establishment of a fruitful EU-African partnership in various fields
* COTANCE as such should take part in as many initiatives as possible associated in the most appropriated way so as to symbolise the continuing commitment of the European Leather Industry to improve trade and cooperation relations with Africa