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Membership to ICT

In Rome, COTANCE clears the way to ICT accession

The representatives of the European Leather Industry meeting in Rome for its Annual Assembly acknowledged the adoption by ICT of its new statutes. They understand that these renovated articles of association are capable of promoting the good governance of the global leather industry and expressed unanimously their will to join the organisation at the next possible opportunity.

High distinction for Mr Batigne

Haute distinction pour le Président du Conseil National du Cuir 

BatigneMonsieur Paul BATIGNE a été promu Chevalier dans l'ordre de la Légion d'Honneur et recevra officiellement cette distinction le 26 mai à la Préfecture du Tarn. Cette nomination récompense plus de 40 années passées dans la filière cuir, dont 8 en tant que Président du CONSEIL NATIONAL DU CUIR, de la SEMAINE INTERNATIONALE DU CUIR et PDG de la SIC SA.

Monsieur Paul BATIGNE est Président Directeur Général de la société SABIN SA, spécialisée dans le négoce des cuirs et peaux. Auparavant, il a dirigé l'entreprise familiale de Mégisserie pendant près de 40 ans. Il est par ailleurs Président du Syndicat de la Mégisserie Française, Vice-président de la FFTM (Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie), Administrateur et Vice-président de CTC (Comité Professionnel de Développement Cuir, Chaussure, Maroquinerie).

Monsieur Batigne fut également membre de la Présidence de COTANCE entre 1996 et 2002.


Mr Paul Batigne was promoted "Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur" and will officially receive this high national distinction on 26 May. This nomination rewards 40 years spent in the service of the leather industry, among which 8 years as President of the Conseil National du Cuir, SEMAINE INTERNATIONALE DU CUIR and CEO of SIC SA.

Mr Paul Batigne is CEO of the SABIN SA company, specialised in the trade of hides and skins. Before that, he had been managing the family tanning business for 40 years. He is also President of the Syndicat de la Mégisserie Française, Vice-president of the FFTM (Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie), Administrator and Vice-president of CTC (Comité Professionnel de Développement Cuir, Chaussure, Maroquinerie).

Mr Batigne was also a member of the COTANCE Presidency between 1996 and 2002.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Award for Tanfast


TANFAST, the new technology for rapid continuous tanning and low water discharge, was awarded by Legambiente, Lombardy Region and Confindustria on November 16, 2010 in the Pirelli Hall of the Lombardy Region.

TANFAST was developed by Conciaricerca (private body of experimentation, connected to the Italian tanning association UNIC) together with AIICA, the Spanish tanning technical institute. The innovation makes possible to treat hides and skins dehydrated using a special patented process in a linear machine equipped with a bath tank, where the tanning solution works in minutes, processing hides and skins in a continuous way until all the liquid has been absorbed. In addition to tanning, the technology may be used to re-tanning, dyeing and fatliquoring, reducing in that way water, chemicals, energy consumption.

Conciaricerca is coordinating the transfer in the market of the innovation, which may be viewed and tested at Spazio Tech, the test area with machinery prototypes in Milan, via Trasimeno 8 (for information call the tel. nr. +39 02 8807711 or write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Milan, November 18, 2010

New Thermal Energy Plant for SLG

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal launches new £6m thermal energy plant
World First for Leather Industry - making leather without costing the earth

Princess AnneToday, (15 July, 2010), Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, visited Scottish Leather Group to officially open its unique £6m Thermal Energy Plant (TEP) based at its manufacturing site in Bridge of Weir, Glasgow. The plant is a world first in the industry, as the Group continues to lead the way in sustainable low carbon leather manufacturing.
The Group comprises Bridge of Weir Leather Company Limited, Andrew Muirhead & Son Limited, NCT Leather Limited, W J & W Lang Limited, specialist suppliers to the interior and transportation seating industries worldwide and are the largest manufacturer of bovine leather in the UK, employing some 500 people, with a turnover of £65 million.
In 2008, SLG Technology Limited was formed, to provide separate non -leather making activities including IT, health & safety, accounting, insurance, treasury and environmental services.
The Princess was shown around the fully-commissioned TEP which will use the 30,000 tonnes of waste generated by the Group’s subsidiaries to generate approximately 45m kW per year. The power will be used to run the Group’s plant, tannery and factory in Bridge of Weir.
Eight new jobs have been created in SLG Technology Limited, which will operate the plant.
Jonathan Muirhead, chairman, Scottish Leather Group, commented: “Quite simply, this new plant, which has been 10 years in the planning, will allow us to make leather without costing the earth. The process will take waste from our subsidiaries, which previously went to landfill, and turn it into heat and steam which the factory needs for drying leather and heating water. It will also produce oil from the skin grease, which will be used as fuel and the final waste product, a mineral ash, will be sold on to the construction industry.


IPR - China

Far too often we underestimate the risks involved for our know how, designs and innovations in processes and products when we exhibit the fruit of our work in foreign countries. Sectors like ours are particularly vulnerable to piracy of trademarks, designs and patents. Losses can be substantial and threaten even the livelihood of our operators. However, costs for preventing or correcting IPR infringements are not irrelevant either. There is no strategy that fits all and every operator has to assess what's best for his company.

Take the 30-minute interactive guides to gain practical information on IPR protection and enforcement

To learn more about trademarks, please visit the first in a series of E-learning modules from the Helpdesk here. The second E-learning module addresses IPR issues at trade fairs and can be found here.
Visit the following resources made available by the EU IPR Helpdesk:


Vice-President Verheugen supports COTANCE

Press Release

European Commission Vice-President Verheugen supports COTANCE in 3 key areas

The COTANCE Presidency led by President Nalle Johansson (ELMO, Sweden) met in Brussels on Friday 30 October 2009 European Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen for a de-briefing session following the previous encounter of July 3.

President Johansson, Vice-Presidents Ricomard (Tanneries Roux, France) and Mercogliano (UNIC & Lineapelle, Italy) as well as COTANCE Secretary General, Mr Gonzalez-Quijano, reviewed with Mr Verheugen the development of the sector since the start of the economic crisis and the initiatives that were taken at EU level in response to the COTANCE requests for supporting the competitiveness of the European Leather Industry.


COTANCE reported an improvement in the European Leather trade & industry since the summer 2009, with orders and exports picking up again. The General Press has notably highlighted business progress in supplies to the automotive sector thanks to the support to the car industry consented by EU Governments and in the industrial cluster of Arzignano that is regaining momentum notably in exports of high quality leather for the fashion industry. Commission Vice-president Verheugen was pleased to note the resilience and reactivity of European tanners in front of the adverse economic situation and encouraged the sector to continue on the positive path.

Attendants assessed then the progress of Commission initiatives requested by the European Leather Industry for strengthening the sector’s competitiveness. Good progress could be identified in particular in three areas :