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UKLF presents new strategy at the House of Lords

UKLF Launch Leather Industry Strategy

On Tuesday 13 September 2011, Baroness Falkner of Margravine welcomed the UK leather industry in the Attlee Room at the House of Lords. In this  collaborative event between UKLF and the University of Northampton, Reg Hankey, UKLF Board Member, introduced the new leather industry strategy.


- Press release by University of Northampton
- Mr Hankey's speech
- Mr Petford's speech
- UKLF Strategy document
Further Information: Paul Pearson, UK Leather Federation, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tannery of the Year 2011

HELLER-LEDER elected “Tannery of the Year” at the Shanghai Fair

hellerThere were 40 first class tanneries nominated, but the international jury selected HELLER-LEDER, the German Tannery based in Hehlen, for this prestigious award.  The award honours achievements in the areas of technical innovation, environmental and social responsibility, and commitment to Society, customer care and economic sustainability.

In a solemn ceremony regional winners were first announced, with HELLER-LEDER being voted the best in Europe. But HELLER-LEDER finally became the overall winner among all the regional winners from Africa, North and South America, Asia, China and Europe.

Crowned "TANNERY OF THE YEAR 2011", the family owned company HELLER-LEDER was founded in 1920 and employs today 165 people.

Innovation in Northampton

ICLT expands its offer in leather education due to high international demand 

ICLT - Institute for Creative Leather Technologies in Northampton - has decided to run the first year of the 3-year degree course in September this year, as a normal, full time course, because of the degree of interest in it. They will then run the second and third years as normal, in subsequent years, if there is consistently sufficient interest.

Also, the year/years can be studied separately:

Year 1 gives the Leathersellers’ Certificate
Year 2 gives the Leathersellers’ Diploma
Year 3 gives a 1 year top-up to a Degree

The Leather Department (ICLT) is at the same time developing these courses on a distance learning or modular basis.

Download the ICLT Leaflet

Award for Italian tanning group

The Dani Group wins the “Award of Awards”

Great recognition for the Gruppo Dani, which in Rome on June 14th received from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and Minister Renato Brunetta the Premio dei Premi at the National Innovation Day. The motivation was: “For having made organizational and product innovation a lever for becoming a big international business, also keeping all of production in Italy”.

The award was created to encourage ingenuity and creativity in Italian enterprise, to foster an innovative mentality. Giancarlo Dani, CEO of the Arzignano tannery group, commented: “It was a unique thrill to receive this award from the hands of the President of the Republic. Acknowledgement of the efforts made to grow the company thanks to pioneering projects, especially in the environmental protection field, and the importance of having protected the Italian-made. At times it looked like we were obstinately going counter-current, refusing to delocalize, but the decision to take full advantage of the synergies the Vicenza district offers in the tanning field rewarded us. Let’s not forget, in fact, that Arzignano accounts for a third of Europe’s leather production”.

Today, with its sixty-year history, the Dani Group is a supplier of tanned skins for many production sectors, from furnishing to automobiles, footwear to leather goods. In recent years its spur to innovate was taken ahead by precisely programming research to meet three goals: 1) developing new products and processes, thanks in part to collaboration with major Italian universities; 2) reorganizing the supply chain, with great simplification of production stages; 3) protecting the environment, with the certainty of setting a record as the first company in the leather world to have passed Product Carbon Footprint inspection and obtained ISO 14067 CD2 certification.

The Tanning Industry Honored

Giovanni Russo, Unic vice-president and president of Russo di Casandrino SpA (founded in 1962 by a family working in the tanning industry for four generations) was recently given the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro, a knighthood bestowed for merit in work.

The company, which for 2011 foresees sales of about 70 million euro, has 132 direct employees and provides work for another 240 people located in Campania, Lombardy and Veneto.
Always concerned with safety, quality, the environment and ethics, Giovanni Russo upholds policies that have led his company to be among the first in the sector to get ISO 9000 quality management certification, and to follow the Tanning Good Conduct Code in regard to corporate social responsibility. And this year the company’s environment management system will be getting ISO 14000 certification.
The company has relations with governmental and private organizations both to sponsor worthy undertakings (especially in the social sphere) and to finance or participate in specific research projects. It has agreements with Federico II University in Naples and Bocconi University in Milan for internships and works with the Costume and Fashion Academy in Rome and other fashion system organizations.

UNIC, Milano, 7 July 2011

Defence of "Leather"


COTANCE speaks up for the defence of the term "Leather" in Hong Kong

Interview at ‘What’s in a name?’

New UNIC Presidency

COTANCE Vice-President RINO MASTROTTO, New President of UNIC

mastrottoOn 23 June the Assembly General of Italian tanners took place in Milano (Italy). The delegates elected as new Chairman for the 2011-2013 mandate Veneto tanner Rino Mastrotto, head of the Rino Mastrotto Group S.p.A., one of the world’s largest tanneries.

At the end of 1998, Mr. Mastrotto chose to merge some of the most important companies he led into a single entity, the Rino Mastrotto Group. These companies were Basmar, Pomari, Calbe, Brusarosco and Galassia. The unified organization has 1,100 employees and generates consolidated sales of €250 million. Over the last decade, Rino Mastrotto has also led a series of international transactions that have resulted in the acquisitions of the tanneries Bermas Maracanau in Brazil, the Rino Mastrotto Group Vietman, and Elmo Leather in Sweden, in addition to a number of sales offices in China, Paraguay, Australia and Hong Kong.

Assisting the new chairman for the next two years will be four deputy chairmen:
Graziano Balducci (outgoing chairman – Antiba, S. Croce sull’Arno PI); Franco Donati (Lufran – D & Co. Consortium, S. Croce sull’Arno PI); Giuseppe Walter Peretti (Cristina, Montebello Vicentino VI); and Gianni Russo (Russo di Casandrino, Casandrino NA).