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1100 Students invited to Lineapelle 

The prize-giving ceremony of the sixth edition of the national contest “Amici per la pelle” organised by UNIC took place on 23 February in Milano at Lineapelle. Secondary school students (second and third year), coming from the Italian main tanning workshops, took part in the contest, which aroused their curiosity and interest in the world of leather tanning. Over 1,100 students gathered at the Service Centre Auditorium to find out the winners of a competition primarily based on creativity. The theme for this edition was “Toy Tan, an historical and cultural evolution of toy”: how to make use of leather to create small, original, creative art works. Leathers were kindly provided by tanneries in the various districts.


The 53 works were displayed during the 3 exhibition days in hall 9, in a stand solely devoted to this project. The contest got votes from a technical jury, from visitors and online, on UNIC’s social channel, which got over 120,000 contacts.

The first prize was won by “La sfida dei regni” (Clash of kingdoms)  - Leonardo da Vinci Institute (Castelfranco di Sotto – Pisa)

 IMG 7770  IMG 7777

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One leather day for the Buteni gymnasium

On 16 November 2016, Mr Gheorghe Vesa, owner of A&A VESA company (APPBR member) and Mr Gheorghe Bostaca (APPBR) visited the Buteni Gymnasium in Sebis (Arad county). This is a state school with grades from 1st to 8th.

During the visit, they had a meeting with pupils in the final study year (8th grade) to whom they presented the aim of the visit and the “Leather is my Job” initiative using the project leaflets (RO and EN). 



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After this short meeting and presentation, the pupils and their teacher were invited for an Open doors event in the A&A VESA company.

Children were very impressed by the technologies and processes which transform a raw skin into a spectacular finished skin/fur and finally in different apparel articles. They asked the company owner and the workers a lot of questions regarding the process, working conditions and equipment used. The young visitors expressed their real interest in becoming trainees and future workers in this challenging sector.


 PB162169sm  PB162207b






“My Future” Career Event, South Somerset (15 November)

With the organisational help of UKLF, tannery Pittards participated at the South Somerset ‘My Future’ careers event that took place on the 15th of November at the Royal Fleet Air Arm Museum, Ilchester, Somerset.

The stand was set under Concorde. This event was attended by about 2500 people, including school children, students, parents, employment agencies and employers.



web Careers Stand - South Somerset

web Careers Stand 2 - South Somerset



Job Fairs in Germany

Job Fair Hameln: 23/24 September 2016

HELLER-LEDER GmbH & Co. KG took part in the local job fair in Hameln (23 to 24 September 2016). The stand was held by qualified workers and specialists in leather production and tanner technology, who were assisted by the promotion of young talent, were available. Twelve school-leavers applied for an internship and further discussion ensued after the event.


Job Fair Hof: 8 October 2016

SÜDLEDER GmbH & Co. KG, a tannery of wetblue and crust, held a stand at the local job fair in Hof on 8 October 2016. Qualified workers and leather technicians and specialists in leather production and tanning technology were hosting and guiding visitors.

The company was extremely satisfied with the students' interest in the profession of "specialist in leather production and tanning technology" and practical training was agreed in the company with five interested parties.


P1540067 rev P1540120 klein Stand

Hochschule Ruhr West - Karriere 2016 (21 November 2016)

As a member of the SCHAFSTALL Group, SCHAUCO took part in the Karriere event of the University of Applied Sciences at the Hochschule Ruhr West. The event took place in Mülheim on the University Campus.




Closer to Schools and Students

1. Introduction of a prize for the best graduates of a German course as specialist in leather production and tanning processes

In cooperation with the Association of Tannery, Chemistry and Technology (VGCT e.V.) and as a measure of motivation and young talent development, German leather association VDL has created an award for the best graduate as specialist in leather production and tanning equipment.

AwardB1bThe prize of 500 Euros was handed over on 14 June 2016 to Mr Michael Wolf who graduated with honour in the new qualification and works as skilled worker at SÜDLEDER where he is also youth representative volunteer in the Works Council.

Asked what is the main motivation for his career decision, Michael Wolf says it is "to do something in which you have direct contact with the product and to have a job where you can see and feel what you've achieved."

The prize was given during the 5th Freiberg Leather Days, by VGCT Chairman, Dr Beate Haaser (SÜDLEDER tannery), Mr Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano (COTANCE) and Dr Thomas Schröer (Verband der Deutschen Lederindustrie).

The Freiberg Leather Days (organizers: VGCT and FILK) is the largest annual congress of the leather industry and was thus the best forum for a dignified announcement of the award and its effective promotion.

210 participants from 17 European countries attended the ceremony. Among them Mr Thomas Bee (Schafstall Holding), President of COTANCE, and Mr Jonathan Muirhead (Scottish Leather Group), Vice-President of COTANCE.

2) Introduction of a new qualification for successful students in the leather industry

After completion of the first EU project Leather is my job, the Management Board of VDL decided to promote the new qualification of leather technician (VA) as part of the follow-up project and a means to motivate and promote talent amongst the youth.

To obtain the job title, three conditions must be complied with:

  • three years' professional experience,
  • a successful master training in technical or scientific fields such as chemistry, industry, engineering or orthopedics and
  • the successful completion of a state-approved additional qualification in tanning and leather technology at FILK.

Earlier this year, the first three students completed the last condition, ie the successful completion of an additional qualification in tanning and leather technology at FILK and received their new qualifications as leather technicians (VA):

  • Mr Achim Kolesch, who has worked at the Jürgen Kolesch Sämisch Leather tannery since the beginning of his apprenticeship and represents the ninth generation in the family business so far as “Meister” and now as leather technician (VA);

  • Mr Ayhan Yildirim who has held the position of deputy division head and process developer at BADER since September 2013;

  • Mr Osman Yildirim who has worked as skilled worker in the dyeing department at BADER for the last 7 years.

The certificates were handed over at the Freiberg Leather Days on June 15, 2016 by VDL chairman, Mr Thomas Strebost (HELLER-LEDER GmbH & Co. KG), Dr Thomas Schröer (VDL eV) and Mr Gustavo Gonzales-Quijano (COTANCE).


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