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Cristobal Sanchez

Cristobal Sanchez

50 Carrer del Sol, Barcelone, Catalogne 08012

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I was studying third year agricultural engineering in Southern Spain (Jaén) when love came into my life. I abandoned studies and got married. Seeking a better future I bought a second-hand car and together with my wife we drove to Catalonia.  It was a risky adventure but I am happy I did it.  Even today I would recommend this industry as a great option for anyone who is seeking a good professional career.

I accepted the first job that came my way, and it was working in the beam house here in Igualada.  My first reaction was of shock.  I had never ever asked myself how leather was made. All this was over thirty years ago.  When I began working I was frightened to ask, and had to learn everything by just looking at the other workers.  Things have changed a lot since then. At Curtidos Badia I was hired to work as a drum operator, and had in-house training.  Curtidos Badia gave me the chance I was looking for me.  It was an important professional step.

I believe I am appreciated here at Curtidos Badia. You grow older and carry on working with people who began working here the same time as me… I feel really comfortable in this environment where the professional and personal aspects simply blend together.

For me, team spirit for me is sacred, essential … You need to have a good relationship with your colleagues;  I have been a trade unionist for many years and have always tried to help those who are not strong.  After all not everyone can be intelligent and strong because the world does not work this way, and this company is no different.  We have workers from all over Spain, all of them with different ways of doing things, of thinking, and all these differences also make working become an enriching experience, from a human perspective, naturally.  And I do have a weakness, and that is to help people… it is in my nature.

Tiredness and physical exhaustion come with this job, but most jobs at the factory have physical and mental dimensions.  In my case, the mental dimension keeps me alert and up to certain extent, helps me to avoid mistakes when I am physically exhausted.  I can proudly say that I have not committed one single mistake in two years, but it is only human that mistakes happen.  It is a always challenge, but not impossibility.

I have been working at Curtidos Badia for twenty years.  I have grown and reached where I had to get to.  I am happy with the company, with my work, with my colleagues.  Even if I have to admit that it is hard work, I enjoy it.  I consider myself a specialist, and I would not change my profession and I would not change Company either. At this company you are appreciated, not just as a professional, but also as an individual.

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  • Team spirit first!
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  • Curtidos Badia
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  • Re-tanning and dyeing drums operator