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Dr Josep Adzet passes away

adzet1On December 7, Dr. Josep Maria Adzet Adzet, former Director of the Tanning School of Igualada (Spain), and long time collaborator with COTANCE and GERIC, received the last goodbye from his family and friends in the "Sagrada Familia" Church in Igualada.

Dr Adzet combined his professional career between education & training and business responsibilities in the leather industry. He was in charge of the scientific management of the Spanish leather technology centre AIICA (Research Association of the Tanning and Ancillary Industries) and developed leather science and research contributing to more sustainable processes for the tanning sector.

Dr Adzet published many books, manuals and articles in specialized magazines on the treatment of hides & skins and the implementation of clean technologies in the industry. His work is recognized throughout the sector. In Spain and South America many tanners respectfully remember the Professor who taught them everything about tanning.

We lose an outstanding leather scientist and educator.   

COTANCE offers its condoleances to his family and relatives.