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Photo Contest

Leather is my Job! partners launch a Photo-Contest and prepare for the Final Conference on 8 June in Igualada


On 23 February 2017, COTANCE and industriAll-European Trade Union met in Lineapelle to review the progress of the Leather is my Job! project with their partners. That morning, the LIMJ! partnership was invited to attend the “Amici per la Pelle” event organised by the Italian leather industry and Mr Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano had the opportunity to address the 1100 students, promote the appeal to work in the leather industry and present the LIMJ! initiative.


web Careers Stand 2 - South SomersetRepresentatives from UKLF (United Kingdom), VDL (Germany), FFTM (France), APIC (Portugal), BDSZ (Hungary), UGT-FICA (Spain), FILCTEM-CGIL (Italy), as well as UNIC that adhered to the initiative, took stock of the many national activities developed to promote the leather sector as an attractive employer to young people. These include dedicated printed material presenting testimonies of people working in the industry and explaining education, training and career opportunities, open-days organised at tanneries, visits to schools or attendance to job fairs. These activities are regularly reported on on the project website and facebook page (see hereunder) with links to downloadable material that can be used as promotional tools for both sides of industry to attract young people into the world of leather.


At their meeting in Lineapelle, the LIMJ! project partners decided to launch a European Photo Contest depicting “people at work” in tanneries and showing the appeal of working with leather. The EU project partners will award the two best pictures with a symP2203134smbolic monetary prize. A 3rd Prize will be awarded to the picture most liked by the public. This is an invitation for transnational interaction between people sharing the same affinities at work. All winners will be invited to attend the Final Project Conference in Igualada on 8 June 2017. The details of the contest can be found on the LIMJ! website or can be obtained from the national leather trade sssociations in the umbrella of COTANCE.


This second “Leather is my Job!” initiative will conclude its activities by mid-May and present them all in a Final Conference that will take place in Igualada, the reknown Catalan leather cluster. ACEXPIEL, the Spanish leather trade association, offered hosting the European leather community on June 8 for a day of review and discussions on and around leather, its image and the jobs that it offers now and in the future.

COTANCE and industriAll-European Trade Union look forward to increased interest in the leather industry as a source of wealth and jobs for the communities where it is established and to more interaction between the cities and regions supporting its development.

Brussels, February 2017


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